CMEA All-State 2023 Audition Materials (2/4/23)

All-State Auditions resemble Regional Auditions.  You are now competing for a spot (All-State) against students who made regional honor choirs in each region (North, South, East, West) 

Auditioning students will:  

1.  Sing D/G Scales and Arpeggios

2.  Sing "My Spirit Sang All Day" (by Gerald Finzi)

3.  Sight Read Eight Measures

There are two main differences in the All-State Audition (from the Regional Audition)

1.  You will sing a choral piece (you sing your line against the other three parts)

2.  The sight reading is more challenging (more intervallic diversity)

These tracks include your voice part highlighted at a 90BPM tempo (great for practicing!)

As we strive to create the most consistent tracks possible, these UNOFFICIAL tracks have been sent out to be mixed and mastered.  BUT -- you can get a good idea of the material we're working with.

Sopranos - will audition with "ATB" (suggested to practice with "STB")
Altos - will audition with "STB" (suggested to practice with "ATB")
Tenors - will audition with "SAB" (suggested to practice with "STB")
Basses - will audition with "SAT" (suggested to practice with "SAB")

Soprano:  Maggie Lieberman
Alto, Tenor, Bass:  Matthew Harrison