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CMEA All-State 2023 Audition Materials (2/4/23)

All-State Auditions resemble Regional Auditions.  You are now competing for a spot (All-State) against students who made regional honor choirs in each region (North, South, East, West) 

Auditioning students will:  

1.  Sing D/G Scales and Arpeggios

2.  Sing "My Spirit Sang All Day" (by Gerald Finzi)

3.  Sight Read Eight Measures

There are two main differences in the All-State Audition (from the Regional Audition)

1.  You will sing a choral piece (you sing your line against the other three parts)

2.  The sight reading is more challenging (more intervallic diversity)

Make sure you have an original copy of the music for the audition (this piece is NOT public domain).  Talk to your director about obtaining an original score.  

These tracks include your voice part highlighted at a 90BPM tempo (great for practicing!)

Sopranos - will audition with "ATB" (suggested to practice with "STB")
Altos - will audition with "STB" (suggested to practice with "ATB")
Tenors - will audition with "SAB" (suggested to practice with "STB")
Basses - will audition with "SAT" (suggested to practice with "SAB")

Soprano:  Maggie Lieberman
Alto, Tenor, Bass:  Matthew Harrison

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